Friday, January 27, 2006


Nothing like a protracted breakfast on a cold winter day, with a mug of nice mocha, baguette, butter and marmelade and, of course, my daily instalment of comic strips on the Ibook, thanks to Yahoo! News :

9 Chickweed Lane, Andy Cap, Bob the Squirrel, Cleats, Dilbert, Doonesbury, For Better or for Worse, Fox Trot, Jane's World, Luann, Non Sequitur, Over the Hedge, PreTeena, Prickly City, Tank MacNamara, Wizzard of Id, and Ziggy.

Coffee is from New Guinea - I'm just having a small pang of guilt right now: probably not that good for the local environment. I'll get Harar next time. Jam is bittersweet oranges or strawberry, seeing that we're all out of my Mother's homemade blackberry jam, straight from the hedges and thornbushes of Brittany.

Smug? What you mean, Smug?

Have a great day.


Deleilan said...

Yum yum, marmalade! Is it the kind with the chunky pieces or the thinly sliced pieces?
My ideal breakfast: coffee (Brazil Santos, brown), toast, Robertson's thick cut marmalade and bacon.

Le Plume said...

I like Santos for filter. Our favorite for mocha is Cuba, but supplies have been pretty irregular lately. We usually have one pack of latino-american coffee and one pack from another continent - whatever pricks my fancy at the coffee retailer's next door, really.

Marmalade on bacon? You guys... ;-)

Deleilan said...

Ewww! No, marmalade on toast! ;-)
I've tried Santos in a coffee machine, but the result was a very bitter brew... Nothing beats a good old-fashioned percolator!

Zanni said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I never get comments from anyone but my sister and my best friend! How did you come across it?

I'll definitely try to check out that prof in Irvine. I'm in the MFA program but I've been pretty successful at weaseling my way into classes in other departments.

Thanks for the info!

Zanni said...

Also, you're lucky you're in France and not SoCal!

Le Plume said...

henhen: I was just randomly shuffling through weblogs and your "I hate poetry" pic caught my eye.

About being in France vs SoCal: at that time of the year I've been known to do some "california dreaming, on a winter day"...