Sunday, April 17, 2005


Slowly recovering from what turned out to be some sort of bronchitis - hence my protracted silence here. But I'm alright now, thanks.

Let's take on the occasion and honor this mind-bogging little winter of April with an adequate picture:

One nimble young iceberg drifting out of the Ilulissat icefjord, Greenalnd, summer '93.

This picture was taken during a crazy cruise along the west coast of Greenland on a 28 feet, plywood-hulled sailing boat. Saw an add in a sailing magazine, called up and, three month later, overloaded with bags and boots and stuff, I was walking down from the Ilulissat airport to the harbor, where the boat and her owner were waiting for the new crew - I was the crew.

An amazing cruise, really. That is, until the point when we struck a "growler" during a patch of rough weather and very nearly sunk.

On another note, this cruise gave me the opportunity to set up my first web page, in October of the same year, as a mean of sharing my pictures with friends around the country. How's that? I started web-designing twelve years ago and managed not to earn a cent with that skill.

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Srividya said...

'crazy cruise' must have been real good fun. The pic looks brrrr... amazing :)