Monday, April 04, 2005

Yet another weblog?

This is a self answering question if I ever saw any. Let me ellaborate a little on this anyway.

  • First, I already maintain a weblog, with daily entries including pictures. It is witten in French (which is pretty natural since I happen to be a Frenchman living in France), and you can access it using the link on the sidebar. The home page I mention there is mostly an index to the photographs published in said weblog, by the way.
  • Why this blog then? Mostly because I wanted to have an English-speaking publishing space, since for various reasons I do have an interest in both cultures. And there's also the small fact that the blogging platform I've been using so far seems to be plagued with technical and managerial problems...
  • What will it be about? Probably mostly about books, and about places, and presumably many other things.
    • Books: I read mostly in English those days, from crime novels to poetry, which makes it a bit pointless to comment about my recent reads in a French-speaking blog.
    • Places: because I believe in going there and seeing what it's like. And there's "here" too: it's easy to forget how interesting the city where one lives can be interesting and surprising - even more so if you happen to live in Paris, I guess.

I'll try to keep my contributions here rather frequent - more or less daily.

So... please sit back, relax and enjoy!


Le Plume said...

Thanks... The content here will be more accessible to English-speaking readers, I hope. ;-)

Actually, one of the reasons I opened a "Blogger" account is that 20six seems to be in pretty poor shape those days. Things seem to be a bit better here. We'll see!

Le Plume said...

As you may have gathered, I was not a big fan of the late pope. This entry was mostly a rant against the media coverage and the French gov't decision to officially honor this death, which I think goes again the secular nature of the French Republic. Anyway...

Pictures: there will be pictures. The pictures I use on are hosted on my homepage because of stringent volume limitations there. I might do the same here, mostly because I find it convenient way to publish pictures. Thanks again for your encouraging comments, in any case.

Teresa said...

Thanks for your suggestions, le plume! :) I have Cannery Row on my 'must read' list. Take care, LB